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Athenaeum is a mono repository (opens new window); a collection of various packages. The majority are based on well known components, such as those offered by Laravel (opens new window). A few of the offered packages are:

# Config

A configuration loader, supporting *.ini, *.json, *.php, *.yml and *.toml.

# Core

A custom Laravel Application implementation, intended to be testing, tinkering or developing non-essential custom applications.

# Circuits

A Circuit Breaker to encapsulate failure prevention logic.

# Dto

Data Transfer Object abstraction.

# Http Clients

Http Client wrapper, with a Manager able to handle multiple "profiles". It also comes with a powerful request builder, supporting Json API and OData http queries.

# Support

Aware-of Helpers for Laravel and DTOs.

# Not a Framework

Athenaeum shouldn't be mistaken for a framework, despite the amount of packages that are offered. The packages are merely helpers and utilities...